Portland Travel Guide | 3 Hour Stop

In January, we headed to San Francisco from Vancouver by car which took a total of 15 hours. We decided to take a 3 hour break in Portland and picked out a few places we wanted to check out! Portland is the perfect spot to stopover and is the opportunity to stretch and indulge! Portlanders have a very special culture. Unlike huge urban cities, the city of Portland has a very special mixture of creative art and delicious specialties.

Oblation Papers & Press

Our first stop was to Oblation Papers & Press. Holly loves stationery and paper so when she found out about this place on Instagram, she put it on the to go list right away. Oblation Papers & Press offers digital printing for customers such as brides looking for wedding invitations to birthday invitations for your friends. Other than their services, they carry a range of paper and stationery such as notebooks, stamps, postcards, cards, local items and many more!

Powell’s: City of Books

For those who loves books, Powell’s Books is the place you have to head to! The largest bookstore in the world has stairs going in every direction. They have different rooms that carry different genre of books. No matter what reads you like, you’re likely to be able to find it here!

VooDoo Doughnut

There really is some voodoo to these donuts. We were recommended by a friend to head to VooDoo Doughnut, because of their unique display and donut flavors! Apart from being absolutely delicious, there were some flavors that even police officers wouldn’t expect!

Tea Bar

Since we are coming from Vancouver, BC in Canada, we know bubble tea: aka boba. This small drinkery had its special twist of Taiwanese bubble tea with modern eatery style.

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