Road Trip To The Rocky Mountains | Canada

A few weeks ago, we headed on a road trip from Vancouver, BC to the Rocky Mountains! Heading to the Rocky Mountain is a must if you live in British Columbia and Alberta, you are able to see beautiful sceneries and lakes that you won’t see anywhere else. You will definitely be surrounded by mountains and it’s the perfect way to bond with friends and family during the long drive. We did visit Edmonton and Calgary during our trip, but we will be focusing with the must visits in the Rocky Mountains for this post!

Athabasca Glacier

If you don’t have the budget to head to the Columbia Icefield, you can hike up to see the Athabasca Glacier which is located below the viewpoint of the Columbia Icefield. It’s a mini hike so make sure you wear comfortable shoes and dress warm. The view is completely different when you look up from the bottom but you will still be able to view the glacier. The glacier loses approximately 15m per year due to climate change so if you don’t see it now, you may not be able to later!

Columbia Icefield

The Columbia Icefield is a must try at least once in your lifetime. Imagine heading on a big bus that is worth almost 2 million and heading to the glacier field where you will step foot in. Take a taste of the water and bring some back with you with a water bottle.

Glacier Skywalk

If you are not afraid of heights, then you must step out on a cliff-edge walkway to see the beautiful Sunwapta Valley. Be able to connect with the world in a different way!


You can’t head to Banff without checking out the gift shops and local foods.

Cave & Basin National Historic Site

We heard that the birthplace of Canada’s National Parks was at Cave and Basin so we decided to check it out. Walk towards the underground Cave and learn more about Banff’s history!

Lake Louise

Lake Louise is definitely our favourite place to check out. The view is amazing and you are able to canoe on Lake Louise!

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